5 reasons why you should hire a professional bookkeeper to handle your finances

  1. It makes you money! Yes - I know you have to pay professionals for their time but in the end you are going to be making money. All that time you spend trying to get your books up to date every month could be time spent on meeting with potential clients and doing the work you’re good at!
  2. It saves you time. Hiring a professional means that you’re hiring someone for their knowledge and experience. With experience comes streamlined practices and therefore less wasted time. For example, something that might take you ten hours to figure out could take a professional one.
  3. It gives you more information. On top of having a professional who knows what they’re doing, you can also request information from them and request that they give you a breakdown. Reports such as a monthly report on how you’re company did compared to last month or reports based on what you were planning on making can give you a wealth of knowledge and constant check-ins on how you’re doing
  4. It is a resource. When you hire a professional, you want to make sure it’s someone you can talk to and you feel like they understand where you’re at. There’s no point in hiring someone who doesn’t understand your needs and isn’t giving you added value and advice. Trust your gut!
  5. Gives you a support system. Owning your own company is hard work and making sure you’re doing everything to help your company succeed is tough. Having a professional who is there to bounce ideas off of and support you when it comes to money related things is very helpful! Especially when it’s just you - trust me:-)