Accounting for architects, creatives & entrepreneurs

We believe your focus and time should be spent on what you’re passionate about. Our specialty lies in providing down to earth, sound financial advice that will give you greater clarity and peace of mind.
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Why hire us?

You have taken a big step and have started your own company! You have some clients however your books aren’t up to date or it’s taking you longer than you thought to get them done and you aren’t sure if what you’re doing now will be successful financially in the future.

Having clarity and the ability to ask questions as well as learning how to manage your books in an efficient way is one of the many reasons you should hire a professional. With Blue Skies Accounting, not only will we get your books caught up to date, you will also understand how your company is doing and how to ensure you will succeed into the future both professionally and personally.

It is rare to find the highest professional capabilities in a person so lovely to work with and so fun to be around.

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Michael Green

Principal, Michael Green Architecture

Who we work with?

We are a small cloud based firm passionate about establishing healthy accounting systems for small architecture firms, interior designers and creatives.

We do this through one on one meetings to discuss both professional and personal financial goals and the current status of your company. This in turn saves you time and money and helps you and your business succeed!

We like our clients to be engaged and interested in understanding their finances on a level that will help them improve their business.

Accounting and bookkeeping

We offer cloud based full cycle bookkeeping and accounting services. Need someone to help you get your books in order and continue to keep them up to date in the future - this is for you!

Business setup

Just starting out and have a few questions that you’d like some advice on? Or are you doing your own books and want to make sure you’re set up for success? This is the perfect option for you!

Consulting services

There are additional services outside of just bookkeeping that are very applicable to small businesses. Some of these services can give you even greater clarity about where you are and where you want to be.