Financial mentorship calls for small business owners.

Access to a small business accountant who’s got the
answers you need to grow. Without the big commitment!


Your financial mentor.

My personal goal is to take your business finances from confusing, dry, and boring to exciting. Because it’s not just numbers and spreadsheets, it’s your passion, your livelihood, and the dream you realized all in one. And that’s definitely worth getting excited about!

By helping you get a handle on your finances, I want to help you make sound decisions that say “I know exactly what I’m doing!” And help you find your entrepreneurial spark again in the process.

10+ years


5+ years

helping small businesses


cpa designation

For existing clients and brand new ones.

You can book a financial mentorship call even if we’ve never worked together before.
Step 1

Get In Touch

If you’re an existing client, send me an email and let me know your questions. If you’re new, book a free 10-minute intro call.
Step 2

Book A Call

I’ll make sure it’s a fit, you’ll choose to book either 30 minutes or 1 hour. And I’ll get you to send questions in advance so I can prepare.
Step 3

Get Answers

Calls range from a general Q&A to deep dives on one topic. I follow your lead and provide as much guidance as I can in the time we have! 

Book when you need to. Ask me anything.

In 30 minutes or 1 hour (your choice!), I’ll answer as many questions as I can on topics like:

✔ Setting up your new business

✔ Getting a handle on invoicing

✔ How GST works

✔ When to incorporate

✔ How CPP and EI work for your new hires

Financial mentorship calls are also perfect if you’re DIY-ing your books and want a second set of eyes to make sure you’re doing it right!


Let’s talk investment.


Thirty Minutes


Perfect if your questions are pretty straightforward or you only have one or two.


One Hour


Perfect for more complex questions or if you’ve got a long list of things to ask me.

Harmik saved us time and money by pointing out areas where money is being spent unnecessarily.

After we hired Blue Skies Accounting we had a much clearer picture of our financials. This enabled us to make better decisions regarding cash flow and hiring staff and also helped us plan ahead and set financial targets.

Harmik saved us time and money by pointing out areas where money is being spent unnecessarily, and helped us to avoid costly financial mistakes.

I highly recommend Blue Skies Accounting! They have been a crucial aspect to our success as a growing small business.

Jasmine Wallace
Communications Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with you if I’m behind on my bookkeeping?


Yes! Because I can likely provide catch-up bookkeeping.

How much do you charge?


It depends on your business! Things that affect pricing are how many banks and credit cards you use, your average transactions per month, and whether or not you have employees. We’ll chat about it in our initial call and I’ll give you a specific estimate after that!

Who will I be working with?


Me! Harmik. I’m a team of one which means no junior is doing your accounting or bookkeeping—it’s me every time.

Good things come to those who plan for them.

By breaking your goals down into achievable steps, I’ll help you plan and forecast your way to a business that serves you financially. Because if it doesn’t? Well, what you really have is a dollars-per-hour job…but with all the risk and admin of entrepreneurship!
Let’s Crunch The Numbers