Get out of financial survival mode and plan a future you’re excited about.

I’ll paint a clear picture of where your business is now. Help you set personal and professional financial goals. Then give you a budget-slash-action-plan that makes them possible.

You're growing but it's messy.

You’re making more, but instead of celebrating, you’re stressed. 
You have revenue, but you’re not so sure about profit. 
You could use some help, but you’re not sure if you can afford to hire. 
And when was the last time you gave yourself a raise?

Don’t worry. Together, we can fix all that.

My financial forecasting and planning process is the difference between having a restrictive budget you kinda dread looking at…and having a realistic plan to achieve goals you used to think were impossible.

Together, we’ll plan for where you want to take your business, break your goals down into doable steps, and make sure your business serves you financially.

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5+ years

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Instead of waiting for success, we plan for it.

We’ll talk about your issues, questions, and goals. Then, I’ll give you a clear picture of where you are now, with achievable targets and next steps. And you’ll use that to make sound financial decisions about things like cash flow, hiring, and raising your rates.
Step 1


We’ll discuss your monthly income, expenses, and best guesses for how the year will go based on last year and I’ll put that into a spreadsheet.
Step 2

Goal Setting

We’ll talk about the personal and professional goals you want to plan for. Like a salary increase, hitting revenue targets, or hiring help.
Step 3


I build a budget (AKA a monthly plan to get you to your goals). Then we review together to make sure it’s a plan you’re excited about!
Bonus points

Monthly progress check-ins.

If I’m doing your monthly bookkeeping, I’ll use your budget as a reference and keep it updated for you each month. If not, then the budget is yours to keep and update as you use it! We can connect quarterly and do it together, or you can do your own check-in each month.


Make sound financial decisions and
avoid expensive mistakes.

Goal-based budgeting is for you if:

✔ You want to make sure you’re doing things in a way that’ll benefit you down the road

✔ Your business is proven and viable…but you’re in survival mode and taking on any work you can get

✔ Finance is the part of your business you’re least knowledgeable about (but want to get a handle on)

✔ You need help with the financial decisions that affect your business, like hiring

✔ You want to make sure you’re not missing anything

✔ Your company is growing so it’s time to implement better financial strategies

✔ You want to know what you’re doing


Let’s talk investment.


Just The Budget

Starting at $450

If you’re financially savvy, a budget might be all you need to confidently get from where you are to where you want to go.


Monthly Bookeeping

Starting at $275 per month

Most clients pair their budget with monthly bookkeeping, where I balance your books and update your budget on your behalf, then send you a monthly update.


Quarterly Mentorship

Starting at $300 per month

Want to DIY but need a second set of eyes? Pair your budget with a quarterly mentorship call where you can ask questions and make sure you’re on track.

Harmik was always a calm voice of reason when I was freaking out.

Harmik is the best! She was always nonjudgmental at the terrible state of our accounts and a calm voice of reason when I was freaking out. I’d recommend her any day! Professional, punctual, knowledgeable, and always a good sense of humour! I always look forward to our meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with you if I’m behind on my bookkeeping?


Yes! Because I can likely provide catch-up bookkeeping.

How much do you charge?


It depends on your business! Things that affect pricing are how many banks and credit cards you use, your average transactions per month, and whether or not you have employees. We’ll chat about it in our initial call and I’ll give you a specific estimate after that!

Who will I be working with?


Me! Harmik. I’m a team of one which means no junior is doing your accounting or bookkeeping—it’s me every time.

Good things come to those who plan for them.

By breaking your goals down into achievable steps, I’ll help you plan and forecast your way to a business that serves you financially. Because if it doesn’t? Well, what you really have is a dollars-per-hour job…but with all the risk and admin of entrepreneurship!
Let’s Crunch The Numbers